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The Joy Guide - 3D

Finding Your Joy In A World Of Crap

Tackle your health and mindset obstacles and say goodbye to feeling sluggish and guilty about your health choices without fad diets or gimmicks.

The Joy Guide: Finding Your Joy In A World of Crap is the self-help book for people who truly want to stop living each day in stress, overwhelm, and frustration and bring more happiness and joy into their daily life.

The Joy Guide - 3D

Here' Exactly What You'll Discover When You Order Your Book Today...

Identify and change the limiting beliefs and negative mindset holding you back from living your joy

Start feeling better in your daily life NOW with practical exercises you can put into practice immediately

What are the joy killers and how to avoid them immediately

How to clear all the junk from your trunk

Understanding gratitude and why it matters in your life, including a daily gratitude practice

How to define success on your terms so you achieve real results, not pipe dreams

How to uncover your list of values so you keep only the ones that matter and eliminate the wasteful others

Tap into your natural ability to work each day with clarity and focus with my signature focus wheel

Create and define a vision of your dream life and stay in alignment with it each day

How to unleash the power of quiet and why it's so crucial to your success

How to eliminate being overwhelmed and improve your results with one simple change

How to create your perfect daily planning habit in just a few minutes per day

Understanding why 'me time' is nonnegotiable and vital for change

and so much more...

About The Author

Jennifer Dawn

Jennifer Dawn is a successful business coach and founder of Best Planner Ever. She began her entrepreneurial career at age 8 selling apples off her grandfather’s tree because a lemonade stand was so “yesterday”.

She’s grown several multi-million dollar businesses, is a successful speaker, and author. Jennifer has helped countless people transform their lives and businesses through private coaching, workshops, and retreats.

Her purpose is to help as many people as possible stop living crappy lives and start living each day with more joy, passion, purpose, love, laughter (and let’s not forget more money!) and provide them with the tools and education on exactly how to do so.


"To make change happen, we take small steps. Consistent small steps lead to success in action." If you have been looking for a simple step-by-step guide to getting your JOY back, here it is!"

Stephanie D.


"This book was easy to digest and it made me realize how I was holding on to things that actually hurt me. It's been so difficult to let stuff go, but I'm getting better at it thanks to Jennifer."

Rebecca L.


"Thank you Jennifer for helping me, as it felt like you jumped inside my brain and could see every one of my thoughts. You knew exactly what I was going through and gave me the strength to do something about it."

Kim V.

"It's time to release your crap!" - Jennifer Dawn

You are only 30 seconds away from starting to live your best life, filled with JOY...

Don't delay... take action now! Your best self awaits you.

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